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Back on 2/25 I got a call from a pollster asking who I supported in the state rep primary. I answered Hatley, the challenger. Apparently I wasn't the only one--less than a week later I was getting multiple mailings from the incumbent (Charlie Geren). There's the usual attacks against the opponent, plus a massive plan for stopping illegal immigration. Not a bad plan assuming Santa Claus dropped multiple billions to make it happen. The attacks weren't as good, concentrating on Hatley being a carpetbagger (just got here myself, dude) and having a "mysterious past" (um, 27 years in US Army isn't in public record?). Various continuations of the "Am Not!" "Are Too!" on whether Geren is a liberal or conservative. Being neither, I don't care.

But I care enough about property rights to go walk the neighborhood for Hatley on Saturday. The campaign sends people out in pairs, so I was teamed with Danita in the morning and Leslie in the afternoon. I navigated, they drove. We were just trying to visit the people who'd voted in a primary before, so it was an interesting exercise in the Traveling Salesman Problem. Combined with the deranged street patterns in the new subdivisions I had a fun time. We got a good reaction from the voters. Several had already voted early for Hatley, as had I. Geren has lots of big signs up at intersections but I only saw two in people's yards, Hatley had nearly a dozen. The high point was a retired Marine MSgt inviting us in to discuss the issues for ten minutes or so. I think we swayed at least a few votes in Hatley's favor and kept the ones favoring him ready to go out and vote, so it was useful time. Made me feel like I'd earned my campaign t-shirt.

The time in the campaign headquarters drove home that I'm an ally of the conservatives here, not someone who agrees with them completely. But I'm not getting offered my perfect candidate this election, so I've got to pick someone.

I was out in California for the primary so I didn't find out the results until today:

Charlie Geren 54.86%
Chris Hatley 41.75%
Colby W. Brown 3.39% (I have no idea who this guy is or what he stands for)

Total votes were nearly 7000. Hatley's campaign had only expected 5000, so it looks like Geren's approach of advertising to everyone rather than just the core voters worked. At least I've got the right t-shirt for the occasion:
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