January 30th, 2006

Browncoat party

Meet the Candidate

On Saturday Chris Hatley's campaign had an open house, so I went over to meet him. Chatted with the campaign manager first. He specifically mentioned the Trinity River Vision as something they were opposing. They seemed to have their act together--nothing spectacular, but plenty of supplies, large maps tracking coverage, and organized follow-up mailings. They're concentrating on likely primary voters so we'd been skipped when they were walking our neighborhood.

I got to chat with Hatley for a few minutes. He made a good impression on me. He asked if I was a "good conservative" but didn't flinch when I answered "good libertarian." He's focused on the practical part of the job. When I asked why he was running he said he'd been asked by some friends to consider it, and he decided it was another call to duty. He's very optimistic about his chances of winning, which is one of the prerequisites for the job. I think his opponent is putting more money into the race, judging by the number and size of the signs he's putting up. So it looks like an uphill fight for Hatley.

I volunteered to work the phone bank for get out the vote efforts and might do some other stuff as needed. Wish us luck!
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