February 4th, 2006

Abundantly clear

Irony-Proof Protestors

The run up to invading Iraq saw a new wrinkle in street theatre--counterprotestors infilitrating demonstrations with ironic messages underscoring moral flaws in the protestors' cause. The Protest Warriors became a minor movement. I signed up with the local chapter, but all the events they counter-protested conflicted with my work schedule (funny, huh?).

Now there's muslim activists protesting the Danish cartoons. These guys are totally irony-proof. I mean, this sign makes a definite point:

but how can it compare to this?
[Edit: Corrected picture]

I looked over the crowd shots Varifrank posted but couldn't find anyone looking like a conservative college student playing hooky (the usual PW demographic). The protestors here aren't a random bunch pushing an incoherent mess of slogans, they've actually got a solid ideology/philosphy behind them. It's not vulnerable to having contradictions pointed out because they've been eliminated. Islam good, not Islam bad, and killing anyone who gets in the way of advancing Islam is a moral act. Whatever we call them--Wahabist, Salafist, Takfirist, or Islamofascist--they want to destroy our way of life.

This is giving us a straight look at the real enemy, the ones who actually hate democracy and demand to receive a double standard favoring them. Hopefully that will help clear a few people's minds on the war.

Other notes:

We have some lovely Danish cheeses to enjoy now, but there are limits to what Lego sets I will buy my kids.

Not everyone at the State Department is a total idiot.

Thanks to patgund for pointing me at the "behead" picture. And to lds for pointing out I had the photoshopped version so I could correct it.
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