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Karl Gallagher's Political Journal
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Sunday, February 26th, 2006

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Is He Even Trying?
So the candidate I voted against sent me some mail this weekend. I figure I should give it a look. Given that he's the incumbent I'll probably be deciding whether to vote for him in November anyway.

So here's Charlie Geren's list of reasons I should keep him as my state rep:
Texas Monthly magazine likes him
So do some other incumbent politicians
He's been on the board of lots of charities.
The teachers' union likes him.
His brother was appointed to a job in the Pentagon.

It's the last one that really boggles me. Okay, I see the strategy of establishing that he's well connected and can therefore get things done. But the Pentagon is a bit remote from Fort Worth.

The annoying part is that there's nothing in there at all about what he has or will do about anything. Served on committees, sure. Is he going to push some issues? Did he accomplish anything in his last term? (Other than enabling a lot of eminent domain seizures, according to his opponents)

He hasn't tried to get my vote.

Current Mood: confused

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