April 10th, 2006



I read Dan Simmon's Time Traveler story a few days ago. Scary as hell. But I had to sleep on it to figure out why it was really scaring me.

The thought of the war getting that bad isn't new to me. I can recognize this plan for nuking Iran as satire, but there are scenarios where I could see us needing to destroy cities. I want to find the options that minimize the risk of that.

(BTW, when I say "the war" I'm referring to the whole global struggle against Islamofascism, of which Iraq is only a part)

What's really scaring me about Simmons' vision is that to get there we have to suffer a major defeat on the "American Will to Fight" front. Possibly more than one defeat. The Time Traveler didn't speak to how those changes in America had come about. I think getting into that deep a hole would require violence between Americans. There's no way we could get to that point without a chunk of the country saying "Over our dead bodies."

I'm scared that this may happen. And I'm scared that I might be one of the people saying that.
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