May 5th, 2006

Browncoat party

More Local Politics

I voted early for the May 13th local elections. Not much on the ballot. Bond issues, school boards, and the board for the Tarrant Regional Water District. The what? Just the guys in charge of getting us good drinking water, so they can build dams, levy fees, and use eminent domain across a multi-county area. So they'd be the ones doing the dirty work to make the Trinity River Vision happen.

So I went in to vote for Clyde Picht, who I'd heard talk at the CAFA meeting in January. But Saginaw isn't on the list of districts which get to vote for TRWD. Damned if I can figure out what the criteria are for eligibility. It may not technically be taxation without representation but I'll certainly still be affected by their decisions. It's a classic example of the "Shadow Government" Joel Garreau wrote about in Edge City: low profile, lots of power, and disconnected from the government levels we normally hold accountable for what happens around here.

I voted for Jane Monahan for school board. The incumbent's been in for over 20 years, that's plenty long enough. I thought it was a nice touch to have the voting station in the school board meeting room so we could see the incumbent's name plate from the booth.
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