August 11th, 2006


My Little Town

Saginaw, Texas isn't a town that makes the news much. Possibly ever. But we do have a local weekly paper to let us know what happens in the council meetings. That's still not enough to fill the paper, so we share it with the other towns in this quarter of the county.

The latest meeting had some interesting comments from our elected officials. Seems the bureaucrat in charge of recreation facilities had proposed banning golfers from the parks so they don't whack passers-by with their balls. He had a list of other activities banned by neighboring towns, such as rollerskating and flying model airplanes.

The Mayor Pro Tem's take: "Where do you stop? You can't legislate everything."

The Mayor's take: "Do we actually have a problem?"

No, apparently. Only two complaints in forty years and no mention of injuries. So the city council decided "if the issue intensifies in the future it could be addressed at that time."

That's an elected official I could happily vote for. If, um, they hadn't cancelled the election because no one else wanted to run. It's a small town.
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