February 5th, 2008


Random Bits

Looks like Kinky Friedman is running for Gov again, and I may vote for him again. By the looks of this shirt I'd better:

"the Kinkster lets us know it is time to get serious!"

"Vote for me or I'll put my cigar out in your eye" pretty serious. I thought torture was just going to be an issue in Federal elections . . .

Okay, the armadillo shirt tempts me.


Andrew Ferguson sums up why I liked Fred Thompson and why his campaign failed. Possibly an early start and better management skills might've helped him build the organization needed to win . . . but if the guy would rather watch TV by himself than schmooze big-money donors he's not going to win in the current system. As one introvert to another it makes me like him more but I'm glad I didn't toss any money at the campaign.

The article finishes up with a great description of why I hate modern Presidential campaigns. We seem to be filtering the pool to only get the ones too ambitious to be trusted with the power of the office. Very depressing for small-government types like me. No one's going to go through all that to reduce the power of the job.


I'm hoping for a tie in the Super Tuesday primaries. Seems the best bet for having my primary vote mean something.
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