November 6th, 2008


Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

The best thing about this election is that it's settled. No endless recounts, no court fights. We have an actual majority, not a plurality. The people have spoken, and Obama will be our President.

The candidate I voted for lost. That's pretty normal for me. I've only voted for the winning President once (not counting the few weeks in 2000 when I was going around saying "I voted for None of the Above and got it!").

Reading Obama's and McCain's speeches is reassuring me. I hope they'll be working together to bring about the best case scenario.

The election is already history-making. A freedman's daughter voted for the first black president. Hopefully we'll be able to put a lot of racial problems behind us now.

There's other good things that can come from an Obama administration. As someone who's living an alternative lifestyle I'm all for having a more tolerant atmosphere for that. Now that the Democrats are responsible for decisions on the war they'll have to do less heckling and more actual weighing of pros and cons, which I hope will lead to a more aggressive stance towards the people who want to kill us. If Obama can inspire the same civility among his followers that he's displayed we can have a much nicer atmosphere for political discussion, something that may actually invite more good people to become candidates.

The immediate obstacle to the last will probably be righties firing up Photoshop while muttering "It's payback time." I've already booted someone off my flist for a "not my president" icon. I don't want to see the rancor of the past eight years with the signs reversed. There'll still be criticism. I've only supported Bush on one issue and I've complained about his performance on that. My future posts on Obama will probably be about the same ratio. Rather than join the chorus of mindless carping I intend to lay out my facts and assumptions and show the logic chain connecting them to my conclusions. But that will wait until he's actually started doing the job.

For now I want to offer Senator Obama congratulations on his victory, and sympathy for the loss of his grandmother.
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