August 18th, 2009


More Health Care Links

I was never a big fan of the Whole Foods grocery chain. I'd shop there to get stuff for my stepson's GFCF diet but they deliberately avoided carrying the things that appeal to my prole tastes. Their CEO John Mackey, on the other hand, has a health care reform proposal that's precisely to my taste. Get employers and government restrictions out of the loop so people can get the health insurance they need. He also suggests how to help people who can't afford health care--keeping Medicare from going bankrupt and allowing people to contribute to the needy through their tax returns. Looks like a good contribution to the debate to me . . . but some of his customers are outraged to the point of organizing boycotts. So much for "Dissent Is Patriotic."

Another post I recommend is strega42's discussion of the below-the-radar issues that are affecting our health care. I completely agree on the problems the FDA and DEA are causing.
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