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Karl Gallagher's Political Journal
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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

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Scratch One Protest Vote
I liked some things about Debra Medina, even if I thought she was too far from the mainstream to win the general election. So I was planning on voting for her in the primary to cast a protest vote in favor of smaller government at the state level. Then she was asked if she thought the government was behind 9/11. No, Ms. Medina, it's not "whether or not people have the right to question our government." There's plenty of questions for the government. The question is whether you have so little faith in your fellow citizens that you think a large group of them would organize to murder thousands of Americans, and then tens or hundreds of thousands of others would collude in covering up that conspiracy. I have limited faith in government because of the number of times I've seen it take the work of lots of smart, dedicated people and turn it into wasted effort. Saying it's an open question whether government employees are ruthless murderers is a very different thing. So scratch one protest vote.

Damn. Now I have to pick one of the other clowns to vote for.

Current Mood: disappointed

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