February 25th, 2010


Primary Voting

I voted in the Republican primary today. I skipped the many, many judicial races. Most are uncontested and I've always had a hard time digging out info on them. My votes were:

US Rep., District 12: Brasovan. Mike Brasovan is strong for fiscal restraint and limited government unlike earmark-happy Kay Granger. I'd be happier if that was the main thrust of his campaign. He's appealing to voters as the more pro-life option by pointing to some hairsplitting points of doctrine. NARAL doesn't care which of these two wins. The Tea Party demonstrations I went to had lots of people who'd vote for budget cuts. Apparently Mike's decided appealing to them won't win a Republican primary. Pity.

Governor: Hutchison. I'd originally planned on casting a protest vote for Medina but that's down the drain. Hutchison has been voting for larger Federal government. Perry has overseen expansions of State power. I'm going with stevenehrbar's observation that a Hutchison win gets two incumbents out of their jobs.

Railroad Commissioner: Carrillo. Doing a decent job and I'm not impressed with the challenger.

State Rep., District 99: Krause. As in the US Rep. race, Charlie Geren views his job as looting Austin for as much booty as he can drag home to his constituents. Krause doesn't.

District Attorney: Claunch. I haven't like what I've heard about the previous DA's emphasis on plea bargains. Too often that winds up with innocent people coerced into confessing to crimes to escape a damaging trial, while criminal avoid the punishment they deserve. Claunch will bring some turnover to an organization that can use it.

County Clerk: Truitt. He looks capable of doing a good job. Garcia is very, very strongly endorsed by the establishment which makes me think she'd be better for them than she would for the citizens.
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