November 16th, 2010


Various Links of Interest

"The Danger of Cosmic Genius"--an assault on Freeman Dyson
I've made snarky comments about environmentalists operating as a religion, but this is the first time I've seen an environmentalist openly agree.
"Environmentalism does indeed make a very satisfactory kind of religion. It is the faith in which I myself was brought up. In my family, we had no other. . . . Freeman Dyson does not have [this] religion. He has another religion."
The article is functionally equivalent to a Christian's lament over a Jewish friend's refusal to convert, with anthropogenic global warming replacing the divinity of Jesus as the article of faith in dispute.

Israelification of airport security
Israelis keep their airliners safe by realizing that dangerous people, not dangerous objects, are what you need to keep out.

Tolkein's Anarcho-monarchism
Included to make sure I have a complete list of oddball ideologies. This is the conservative version of the "withering away of the state"--a society so stable no new laws are necessary and a monarch holds office solely to keep ambitious men from aspiring to the top job. Okay, the last part has some appeal to me.

And some videos:

Interesting interview with Peter Thiel, including exit rights as a key to freedom and the higher education bubble.

Trailer for the movie "Cool It", a response to global warming hysteria.

Bill Whittle is doing videos on his own now, starting with an overview of Tea Party/Conservative philosophy in several parts. He's still too focused on preaching to the choir, but liberals wondering how the other side thinks would get a lot out of the gun rights episode (8 minutes).
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