October 25th, 2012

Browncoat party

I Voted

Just took advantage of Texas' early voting window. My votes:

Pres/VP/US Senator: Republican

Uncontested races: Skip. Those dozens of judges can get 100% wins w/o me clicking on them.

Most contested races: Libertarian. Many of those only offered a choice between the Rep and Lib. Guess the Dems are just sticking to their strongholds (other than a few sacrificial lambs for high-level races).

Sheriff: Rep incumbent. No Lib candidate (understandable, really) and the Dems tend to push more power for the unions (such as exempting police from normal disciplinary measures).

City Council: Saginaw has non-partisan elections (saving us from being run by friends of the Tarrant County Republican chairman). Three candidates were running. Gary Barber wants to build a bunch of projects. Jackie Nethery was immune to my Google-fu. Chris Barngrover promptly answered my questions on his priorities and background. So Barngrover got my vote.
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