November 19th, 2012


Hope on Copyright

The House Republicans released a fascinating paper on possible copyright reforms and then panicked and yanked it. It's still good to see someone raising the subject. I wrote my Congresswoman to ask her to take a closer look at it:
Dear Ms. Granger,

The Republican Study Committee has produced a draft report "Three Myths of Copyright Law." I think the proposals in this report are very valuable and should be a central part of the Republican platform.

Excessive restrictions on copyright and patent law are damaging attempts to start new creative enterprises while providing unearned income to the inheritors of artists. Penalizing the future to reward the past reduces the growth of our economy and culture. As a part-time professional writer I've often found myself limited by old copyrights more than I've benefited from the protections on my own works.

Taking the lead on this issue would bring many influential people in the Republican fold. I urge you to study the copyright report.

Thank you,

Karl Gallagher
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