July 11th, 2016

Abundantly clear

Above the Law

While I try to get a post on more important things put together, a few comments on something else from last week:

I wasn't surprised that Clinton skated on her classified handling infractions. Sure, I'd be doing a decade in Leavenworth if I'd done even a fraction of what she did, but I never had any illustions that those laws were going to be applied to her.

What disappoints me is that there wasn't the traditional ritual sacrifice of two or three minions who'd committed the same offenses. Stripping the markings off classified material and sending it unsecure is pretty easy to prosecute. Sure, they wouldn't get the punishment that a worker bee like me would, but permanent loss of security clearance and being banned from federal employment is a serious hit at that level. And Secretary/Senator Clinton would endure the punishment of having to break in some new minions.

But that doesn't seem to be happening.

The folks I really feel sorry for are all the instructors in classified materials handling who are facing classrooms full of people who followed this news.

"We'll start with roll call. Clinton? Clinton? No Clinton here? Well, since all of y'all need to know this shit, we'll get started."