June 6th, 2019

Abundantly clear


Scot Peterson, the SRO at Stoneman Douglas High School, is being prosecuted for not trying to to stop the shooter. Various people are objecting, saying "Cowardice may be fireable, but it's not a crime."

Oh? What's the military's attitude toward cowardice?

Any person subject to this chapter who before or in the presence of the enemy--
(1) runs away;
(2) shamefully abandons, surrenders, or delivers up any command, unit, place, or military property which it is his duty to defend;
shall be punished by death or such punishment as a court- martial may direct.

Cops have been demanding more respect, wanting all the privileges of soldiers while still staying home in their own beds each night. Fine. If they want the perks of being soldiers, they can be held to the standards. Scot Peterson had soft duty, hanging out with teenagers and swaggering around with his weapon in a 'gun free zone.' All so he could be there if it hit the fan. He failed. He should pay the penalty.

(Not that 'neglect of a child' or 'negligence' carry the death penalty . . . but he should pay some price.)