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Texas Politics Continued

I'm going through the rest of the ballot to figure out who I'm going to vote for. It's not as bad as it looks because 34 races are uncontested, almost all judges. It makes me appreciate the Federal system of appointing and confirming judges. If the legislature had to vote on them it might actually increase the number of people looking at their qualifications.

I supported the losing candidate in the State Representative primary so I have to look at the incumbents other opponents. The Democrat (Ford) doesn't say much about what she'd do with the job but does specifically mention the new law firm she co-founded. Heinlein had a story where one of the candidates was only in it for publicity. At that she's still taking it more seriously than the Libertarian (Waldowski). When I emailed him about his stands he replied that the party platform was a good summary. I guess it's not that rational for a Libertarian to put that much work into deciding what would happen if he won. So I'm not impressed with either challenger, but Charlie Geren (Rep) is proud of getting pork into budgets and supports taking private land for economic development projects such as the Trinity River Vision. So it's Waldowski by default.

I voted for Justice of the Peace Wright in the primary because her opponent annoyed me. Looking at the general election opponent she's still the better choice.

One local race where I could find a bunch of info was the Criminal District Attorney. Tim Curry has held the office for decades, which is a bad sign to me. There's even a website attacking him for poor performance. I was wary of that at first, but the accusations that he coerces plea bargains and avoids taking felonly cases to trial lest they reduce his 90% success record were convincing. The Democratic challenger, Terri Moore, has a respectable resume and reasonable goals, so I'm going to vote for her. (It's a nice feeling to actually have a "for" vote for once)

The incumbent County Clerk and County Commissioner don't have any info out there except what's on the County website. Looking at the opponent's websites (Desantiago and Lerma) I'm leaning toward the incumbents. Lerma has some flakey ideas, mostly offering bribes to some voting blocks, and Desantiago's big idea is being nicer to the employees in the County Clerk's office. I'm not opposed to that but I want to make sure the customer--such as me--takes top priority.

That leaves the minor statewide offices and the supreme court elections. Aren't you glad we don't have to vote on every member of the Federal Cabinet?

I did find one bit of info on LJ about the Comptroller's race. rolanni posted that Fred Head (D) is attacking incumbent Susan Combs (R) for having written a romance novel. Getting a book published is almost enough to make me vote for Combs . . . but I should probably look up her record.
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