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Guest Post: Gerry Tyra on Global Warming

As an analogy to climate change, consider a semi-tractor rig going down the interstate.

If you're driving, there are two things that you absolutely have to know: 1) where you really want to go, and 2) how to drive.

Where you want to go is not necessarily straight ahead. Think of the most complex interchange that you have ever seen, now imagine a infinite sequence of such interchanges, with no two the same. Pick the wrong lane and you end up somewhere else.

Driving requires some knowledge of how the vehicle works, including how responsive it is or isn’t. Both over controlling and under controlling can have very negative impacts.

And all of this assumes that you are driving. What if you are in a sub-compact car, tied to the semi by a tow rope? You are going to go where the semi goes, whether you want to or not. Any maneuvering that you do will have almost no effect on the semi, but it can get your car trashed in a heartbeat. This can happen by loosing your position in front of the semi and getting dragged under its tires, or you could be off to the side and hit a barrier that the semi won’t touch. You could try putting on the breaks, but you will probably only burn out your breaks and get flat tires.

So with respect to climate change, are we really in control? If so, do we know how to apply that control intelligently, or are we just jerking the wheel around and stomping on pedals?

If we aren’t in control, are we willing to adapt to the changes that are coming?
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