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A Bitter Controversy . . . or just Dark?

For those who've managed to miss it, here's the story about the chocolate statue of Jesus and the protests about it.

Look, both sides are trying to milk this.

Modern artists need publicity for success. The more newspapers print your name, the more sales you make. Given the state of "fine art" today it's also much easier to sell art to people wanting to stand up to [insert regressive social force here] than to anyone wanting to have something nice to look at.

The protestors need scandals. If [insert beleagured cause here] isn't threatened this month the donors will pick another cause to defend, the checks will stop coming in, and our full time team of protestors will miss out on a paycheck. So something, somewhere, will get tagged as an outrage and protestors, donors, media experts, and more donors will mobilize against it.

It's symbiosis.
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