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Picking a President

Another politics quiz. This one asks your opinions on a bunch of issues then tells you which candidate is closest.

But their answer code won't work in LJ. Nice picture of Fred Thompson as my "choice."

Note that that's a tie with Rudy Guiliani, broken randomly.

I'm not surprised to see Rudy and Fred at the top. I'd put McCain with them. The quiz probably marked him down for my don't-give-a-damn answers on campaign finance reform and immigration. It's not a bad quiz, my only objection would be that it doesn't give a way to weight some issues as more important than others.

That's a big part of how I rate candidates:

(Yes, I actually do this.)

Or rather that's what I do for state/local and peacetime elections. For federal offices I have a different function now:

So McCain, Guiliani, and Thompson are ones who can get my vote. Romney and Clinton I'm keeping an eye on. Edwards and Obama I'll be voting against. Doesn't look like there's anyone else who'll be worth considering by the time the primaries get to Texas. Assuming the candidates haven't been completely settled by then anyway so there's something for me to vote on.
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