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Primary Voting

It's election time again here. The primary is March 4th so early voting starts on Monday.

First choice is whether to vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries. The only reason to vote for Dems would be for the presidential race. Not many Democrats win in Tarrant County. Neither Clinton nor Obama are calling to me--I'm expecting to vote for McCain in November--and I don't feel like meddling in a primary when I won't vote for the winner.

So, it's the Republicans for me. For president I can vote for McCain to keep running the score up against Huckabee or for Thompson to show I care about the war and the First Amendment. That one may not get decided until I'm standing in front of the voting booth. Senator is easy: Cornyn is sane, Kilgore isn't.

Court of Criminal Appeals: given the data I prefer Francis.

Board of Education: Pass. I don't care which creationist is better than the other, I'll be voting for the Democrat.

State Rep: I'll be voting for Annunziato. Not because I'm impressed with Dr. Tom, I'm not. He's not bringing anything special to the job and his complaints against Geren are weak--ambiguous votes being inflated into crimes. As for calling him a liberal . . . no. Not even in Tarrant County. Okay, I'll accept he's one of the more liberal members of the local Republican Party, but that's hard over on the conservative end of the spectrum. What I'm doing is voting against Geren for all the reasons Geren says I should vote for him. He's a smart, hard-working, brings-home-the-bacon legislator. I don't want legislators bringing home bacon. That's not part of the job description. So better to have an unknown than someone who's good at doing stuff I don't want him to.

For the other judicial races I don’t have much to go by so I'm going to accept the bar association ratings and vote for the high scorers. Electing judges could work well if they took stands on issues, but that conflicts with the impartial role they have to have on the job. I think I'd rather they were appointed the way Federal ones are.

Sheriff: Incumbent Dee Anderson appears to be doing a good job and dealt with some major problems early in his tenure. The challenger is fonder of aggressive searches than I like--his town collects blood samples from anyone who refuses a breathalyzer--and is being cheered on by the unions. I'll vote for Anderson.
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