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The Whole Ballot

President: See previous post.

Federal Senator and Representative: Cornyn and Granger. They support the war, their opponents don't.

Railroad Commisioner (in practice, state secretary of energy): Michael Williams - wants alternative energy to be driven by market incentives, not by government ones.

Chief Justice: Wallace B. Jefferson - dissented in a decision protecting a church that conducted an abusive ritual. Also, I like MSU grads.

Supreme Court Place 7: Dail Wainwright. Would it kill the Libertarians to nominate someone qualified for the office? Well, yes, I guess it would, so I'll have to go with the incumbent.

Supreme Court Place 7: Linda Yañez. The Libertarians found a practicing lawyer to nominate for the court--one whose speciality is exotic types of home mortgages. No thanks. Given that the incumbent has been on the opposite side of some high-profile cases from the two I picked above I'll give the Democrat a chance.

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3: Matthew E. Eilers. This Libertarian looks better than the other two.

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4: Paul Womack. Can't find a reason to vote for one of the others.

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9: Cathy Cochran. The Libertarian couldn't motivate me to vote for him despite being an MIT grad.

Board of Education, District 11: Bruce Beckman. Libertarian beats Creationist.

State Representative: Robin Chester - the Libertarian. State Rep races are made for useless protest votes.

District Judge, 17th Judicial District: Melody Wilkinson - mostly because the other guy is liked by folks who hate libertarians.

Criminal District Judge, Court No. 2: Wayne Salvant When the best link I find is another blogger complaining about not being able to find info I know I'm going to have a hard time with the decision. From the other info it looks like the incumbent is worth keeping.

Sheriff: Dee Anderson - voted for him in the primary because I liked his performance. His opponent is running on behalf of the unions. So I'll stick with the incumbent.

For those keeping score, that's 11 Republicans, 3 Libertarians, and 1 Democrat.
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