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Protesting Spending

I took a few vacation hours yesterday to join in the Fort Worth Tea Party protest against the "stimulus" spending. We had a good turnout and made the paper. More people were showing up after 5pm but I couldn't stay much longer so I don't know how big it got. The organizers said 800 people signed their petition, so we had that many coming through even if they didn't stay for the whole thing.

I imagine the organizers of anti-war protests got annoyed when the Free Mumia types showed up and diluted the focus of the event. Our version of that was Larry Kilgore and some other Texas secession types.

I took a bunch of pictures, but the data cable for our camera seems to have been used as a baby toy or vanished for some other reason. NYTexan took some great pictures and posted them to this Free Republic thread. This picture gives a good view of the protest. There were more people off to the left, and some more behind the bar listening to the band (that counts if they're playing protest songs, right?). I'm the guy in the green jacket under the "cow" in the "Cow Town" sign.

The slogan I went with was "DON'T SUBSIDIZE STUPIDITY." Lots of people liked it. My sign was more readable than most but I think I'll go for a bigger one next time.
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