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Since I'm too distracted to write a full post I'm going to collect some links with comments here.

Health Care:

Best discussion I've seen on how to pay for health care is Goldman's Catastrophic Care. He looks at how separating the people receiving medical services from the ones paying for them has created scads of bad incentives in the system. He proposes a replacement system based on Singapore's, which I think would be worth a try. Given my own druthers I'd make everything pay-for-service and issue "doc stamps" to people who are sicker than they can afford to pay for.


Here's a good summary of the issues that worry me with vaccines. Main points for me are that a lot of medical research is ignorant of statistics, there's concept of "diminishing returns" in the number of vaccinations being prescribed, and there's a lot of shots being given to infants whose immune systems are in very weak shape.


Jordan has responded to the murder of one of its pilots by executing terrorists and promising performing increased attacks on ISIS. Hail to the King.


There's been a lot of protests over the police killing Michael Brown and Eric Garner. It's the deaths of John Crawford, Tamir Rice, and Akai Gurley that really terrify me.


The FCC wants to increase regulation of the internet. Let me respond in the internet's preferred communication form:

binary gonzales


I've stopped voting 3rd party for President since 9/11. Winning the war takes priority over ideals. But if I'm faced with Jeb vs. Hillary in 2016 I will be voting 3rd party again.
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