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Abu Ghraib Follow-Up

tepintzin reminded me the Abu Ghraib scandal is in the news again, with another batch of pictures selling papers. I'd previously posted on the punishments given out to 27 of the officers involved. I thought I'd go back and see if the promised court-martials had happened, and what the results were. I found the official Army press release that was the source of the info I'd seen before, but the only officer being punished who was mentioned by name was Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, who was demoted.

Searching the database for more info brought up accounts of the enlisted troops convicted in the scandal. Sivits, Frederick, and Graner had stories of their own. Davis and Krol had a joint one. The female troops, Harman and England, not only had their own stories but got their names in the headlines instead of just being "soldier."

For the officers? Nothing in the Army database. Google found some accounts. Col. Thomas M. Pappas, MI commander, got an LOR. Lt. Colonel Jerry Phillabaum (MP battalion commander) was reprimanded. Capt. Donald Reese (company commander of above convicts) received immunity for testifying. Capt. Leo Merck resigned to avoid court martial, for something not prisoner related but deserving jail time IMHO.

As an aside, the latter two really tick me off. Captains have real authority and responsibility, and should be held accountable.

That leaves 22 officers receiving punishment even if those two captains get counted in the list. I found a bunch of names of other officers involved:
Lt. Col. Stephen Jordan, Majors David Price, Michael Thompson, and David DiNenna, Capt. Carolyn Wood, and CWOs Jon D. Graham and Jeffrey Hanson Edward Rivas, Jon D. Graham, and Kevin Kramer. Googling them doesn't bring up anything other than mentions of testifying at the court-martials above and sometimes "facing investigation." So what happened with all those charges? It's not like a media blackout could be to blame, the Army's not talking about it. Did they get carried out without announcement? Why hide it? Are all the charges being dropped? That'd stink and I wouldn't expect the brass to be that stupid. So what's going on?
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